Payslip is designed to integrate with any HCM, ERP or HR platforms as well as local payroll vendors around the world. The software integrates and works with any existing payroll solution you may have so you can keep any local vendors you like and on-board new ones when you need to.

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Payslip software integrates smoothly and sits between the HCM and local payroll vendor systems. It then automates work flows and standardizes data feeds. This allows international employers to manage their payroll processes, people, data and reporting from one central platform.


The HCM is the single source of truth for employee records. Payslip compliments the HCM to be the single source of truth for all global payroll delivery, management and control.

Payslip Integrator can integrate with any employer HCM using Robotic Process Automation to receive and absorb employee payroll data, deliver automated dataflows, validations, error logging, alerts and reduce human time investment in repetitive tasks. Employers will then have increased control, data protection and predictability on data flow and management and reduced team time requirement.

Payroll Providers

Payslip Integrator allows the employer to retain your preferred and proven payroll providers and easily add new ones as you grow organically or through acquisition. Payroll providers prepare their payroll calculations and send payrun data files to Payslip Integrator through the Payslip Payroll Provider Portal.

The payroll GTN data is standardized, processed with automated agreed validations, absorbed and consolidated at a global level. Payroll Provider delivery is tracked through the automated workflow and audit trails, delivering full visibility to the employer along with data driven SLA and KPI management.

If you want to switch providers or adopt new ones, you can choose your own provider or exploit the network of proven providers delivering to other Payslip clients. We collaborate with our clients to enable the most effective provider adoption.


Payslip Integrator can deliver post payroll reports and data flows to employer accounting and finance systems. The multi-country multi-currency General Ledger data flow is a universal favorite among our clients. Other data flows for post payroll benefit, treasury, global mobility and other finance related needs can also be delivered.