The Payslip Integrator connects your global payroll with your existing software or technology stack such as your HCM, ERP, financial software, Benefits vendors and external payroll provider systems. Anywhere you have related functional data flows and dependencies can be connected to Payslip.

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Payslip Integrator

Requirements and payroll providers differ by country. The Integrator is designed to connect your data with both related internal systems and any external payroll provider applications.

The Payslip Integrator is a flexible, adaptable and innovative technology designed to:

    • integrate your global payroll with your wider IT ecosystem
    • enable the automated push and pull of standardized data between the global employer ecosystem and the payroll provider software.

Payslip then becomes the single source of truth for global payroll while the HCM remains the single source of truth on HR and the employee record.


The Payslip Integrator connects global payroll software with

    • in-country payroll provider engines,
    • HCM and Accounting / ERP systems.
    • Benefits Providers

It delivers end-to-end data flows and facilitates data standardization and automated processes.

As a Workday Partner, Payslip integrates with Workday HCM to automate all the processes, standardize all the data and harmonize operations. Saving clients a minimum of 5712 hours per year.

Payslip Integrator can absorb GTN payroll files directly from a payroll vendor – with automated validations, variance & error reporting, and audit logs.

It helps employers to manage and control their entire global payroll operations, resources, data, and vendors using a single cloud-based platform.


Payslip Integrator is the automation and integration technology core that we have built to enable the receiving, standardizing and transfer of data between employer systems which need to connect and share data.


✓ Employee Record
✓ Payroll Data Inputs
✓ Joiner/Leaver Changes
✓ DTA events
✓ Post Payroll: Employee Payslips

Benefits Providers

✓ Pensions
✓ Healthcare
✓ Lifestyle
✓ Personalization

External Payroll Vendor

✓ Employee Payroll Record
✓ Consolidated Payroll Data Changes
✓ GTN Ingestion & Validations
✓ Employee Payslip Validation & Acceptance

Post Payroll

✓ General Ledger
✓ Bank / Payments Files
✓ Benefits Files

RPA Validations

Payslip Integrator incorporates Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that automates validations to save valuable time in the payrun cycle while reducing the scope for human error. Validations which can be automated include:

    • Pay element validation source vs destination
    • Employee list validation
    • Input vs GTN Output Totals validation
    • Employee ID duplication
    • Employee ID & Name match

"No Rip and Replace"

Payslip Integrator works with any existing payroll solution in place so there is no requirement for a costly and time consuming ‘rip and replace’ approach. Global employers can keep any relationships they have with preferred vendors while having the option of replacing or onboarding new vendors anytime they want.

The payroll GTN data is standardized, processed with automated agreed validations, absorbed and consolidated at a global level. Payroll Provider delivery is tracked through the automated workflow and audit trails, delivering full visibility to the employer along with data driven SLA and KPI management.

If you want to switch providers or adopt new ones, you can choose your own provider or exploit the network of proven providers delivering to other Payslip clients. We collaborate with our clients to enable the most effective provider adoption.

Finance & Treasury

Payslip Integrator can deliver post payroll reports and data flows to employer accounting and finance systems. The multi-country multi-currency General Ledger data flow is a universal favorite among our clients.

Payslip can also fully automate the international payments process ensuring time savings for the Treasury department of up to 95% on payment processing. Other data flows for post payroll benefit, treasury, global mobility and other finance related needs can also be delivered.

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