Total payroll control and transparency

We have listened to the challenges faced by global payroll professionals.

Centralised Control

Payroll partner Management

Managing Data Exchange

Process Performance



High Costs

Data Protection

In response, we have developed a cloud based payroll software that allows you process your global payroll digitally.

Manage and control your entire global payroll on one user friendly dashboard.

Payslip’s digital technology delivers a new level of visibility to the payroll process, reduces risk and cost and improve efficiencies and enhances data protection.

“Combilift wanted to ensure that payroll was on-time and compliant and the global payroll process was transparent and efficient.  We are delighted with the Payslip software as a service.”

Innovative software

Payslip is an innovative global payroll management software, enabling companies to manage and control the entire payroll process end to end on one secure cloud platform.

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Happy customers.

Expanding our global market footprint requires trusted employees in-market. Combilift wanted to ensure that payroll was on-time and compliant and the global payroll process was transparent and efficient. We are delighted with the Payslip software as a service. It enables the efficient management of payroll vendors in different countries, more secure data exchange and a great audit trail for the global payroll process.

Peter Campbell
Finance Manager

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Growing your business internationally gives rise to interesting payroll and compliance requirements. Finding a payroll provider that delivers a reliable payroll service, good compliance advice and is compliant with data protection regulations takes time and careful attention. Payslip connected us with trusted payroll vendors in Europe and Australia and made our international expansion much easier.

Declan Kelly

Reduce Risk & Save Time

Payslip’s digital software eliminates the most common risk associated with processing international payroll; managing data exchange, sensitive data protection, reporting and deadlines, tracking holidays and events across time zones, coordinating payroll vendors, HR and Finance teams. Payslip improves efficiencies within global payroll departments saving resources, time and overall costs associated with global payroll.


Powerful reporting functions allow visibility for senior management. Audit trail and in system authorization provides clarity over payroll operations and international vendor roles and responsibilities. Payslip enables management of all employee records across multiple countries from one location.


Manage and control the entire global payroll process end to end using Payslip. Integrate HR, Finance and the international payroll vendor network from one user friendly system. Gain control of the payroll process using Payslip’s innovative tools such as corporate organizer and global payroll manager. In built actions and alerts ensure deadlines are met.


Payslip’s digital cloud technology makes it possible for employers, employees and international payroll vendors to interface with the software across all devices including desktop, tablet and smartphone. Payslip delivers a truly paperless automated workflow.

Powerful yet simple.

Payslip’s transparent and user-friendly dashboard allows complete visibility over the entire payroll process.

View active payrolls, payroll costings, employees by country, actions and alerts.