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The leading technology platform for the delivery & management of global payroll at large multinational companies

Standardization | Automation | Visibility

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Automation & Integration Technology Category Leader in Gartner Multicountry Payroll Report 2021

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Harmonize Global Payroll

We help multinationals standardize their global payroll process, centrally manage their payroll with visibility & control and scale into new countries easily via:

  • Automated payroll processes
  • Standardized payroll data
  • Consolidated multi-country reporting
  • Employee self-service access to their data

Harmonizing global payroll operations to fuel growth efficiency. All delivered on a single platform.

Standardization, Automation & Visibility


Automated Workflow transforms your payroll process. Automate repeat tasks, manual processes, compliance calendar, alerts & validations. Connected workflow with colleagues and vendors.



A unified, global-first data approach unlocks and standardizes global payroll data for complete visibility into all payroll elements including salary expenses and taxes by region, by country, by employee.

Powerful Self-Serve Reporting

Real-time reporting & Audit trails is in your hands. Consolidated data produces multi-country reporting. Use your data to develop key business analytics & achieve full visibility.

Self Service

Employees can access their payslips and year-end tax document 24/7 in the cloud. Ensure all employees benefit from a consistent payroll experience regardless of location. Improved data protection & save management time.

Business Continuity


Cloud based rights & authorization controls enable WFH & central governance. Access data, documents & payrun files securely. Switch task ownership, authorization & payroll vendor to ensure continuity.

Integration Technology

Payslip Integrator technology integrates your global payroll IT eco-system. Payslip Integrator connects your global payroll with your in-country payroll provider engine, HCM and Accounting / ERP systems. It delivers end-to-end data flow from payroll inputs to GL reporting, eliminates entry duplication, reduces error rates and restores time to your payroll – every payroll.

Payslip Integrator can absorb your GTN payroll files directly from your payroll vendor – with automated validations, variance & error reporting, and audit logs. Increased SOX and compliance reporting capability as standard.

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Bigger Picture

Payslip’s unified, global-first data approach unlocks and standardizes global payroll data so you can see a bigger picture. With Payslip, you get complete data-driven observability into all payroll elements and the macro to micro details that matter. Harness payroll data for actionable insights and fully informed, real-time decision making.

Execution Excellence

With Payslip, businesses execute at scale-up speed. A unified work model across HR, Finance and Global Payroll creates a single system for payroll execution and automated payroll workflows drives new levels of efficiency. Payslip integrates payroll with HCM & finance systems, local payroll providers and the broader external business ecosystem.

Scale-Up Control

Payslip is foundational for global growth. With Payslip, you can onboard your choice of in-county payroll provider (ICP) in days, not weeks. Easily swap in or out ICP’s to meet your specific growth requirements so you’re always ready to support business expansion in any region and country. Expansion is supported with a structured and transparent audit trail ensuring you remain compliant in every jurisdiction as you execute your growth strategy.

Case Studies

We help multi-national companies harmonize their global payroll operations and achieve growth efficiency. With Payslip, our clients make the shift to a next-generation global payroll control platform where they can achieve growth efficiency.

Payslip automate, standardize and streamline payroll management at Kirby Group.

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AMCS apply structure and control to their international payroll process during high growth activity.

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