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The Global Payroll Control Platform harmonizes global payroll operations to fuel growth efficiency. Payslip connects the employer with payroll partners, local vendors, HR & Accounting. It standardizes the global payroll process and data, providing central visibility, control & consolidated reporting. The platform empowers multinational companies to achieve execution excellence, see a bigger picture and scale at any dimension.

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Companies are scaling faster than ever before, and payroll teams now operate in a complex eco-system of non-standard data, in-country experts and outsourced payroll providers. Payslip helps you stay in control.


Pay run set-up to help you meet deadlines

Progress Bar

Monitor each payroll step by step

In system end to end authorization

Authorization requirements set at your discretion

User friendly dashboard

All your payroll information in one place

Automated alerts

Automated notifications for actions to payroll team and vendors


The global payroll platform was designed to provide complete visibility over your entire extended workforce and global payroll process. Get a complete data-driven view of people, process and costs by region, country and employee.

User friendly dashboard

All your payroll information in one place

Document Manager

Manage payroll documents, compliance reports and company documents

Workflow Manager

Build a workflow to define steps, ownership and SLA’s

Audit Trails

Audit Trail reporting provides end-to-end visibility

Automated Alerts

Payroll calendar and progress alerts, escalation alerts


The global payroll platform standardizes payroll data so teams can receive data from multiple vendors in a single, standardized format. This results in clear audit trails and insightful reporting to meet your HCM and GL reporting needs.

Payroll Cost Reporting

Self Serve payroll cost reports, available 24/7

General Ledger Reporting

Summary & Detailed multi-country multi-currency General Ledger reporting

Process & KPI Reporting

Self Service audit trail & process reporting, available 24/7

Payroll Automation

Structured and automated data flows between the platform, ICPs and HCM systems remove the need for time-consuming manual data entry and checking. Gross to net validation and authorizations are processed via automated ingestion and verification.

Bulk upload of GTN files

Automated input and verification of multiple source payroll inputs

No data absorption delays

Automated approvals and data exports to ICPs

Reduced scope for human error


Multi-country payroll involves regulatory obligations that can be unique to each country you operate in. The global payroll technology helps you manage workforce data and meet country-specific policy requirements. Secure data exchanges and robust control tools ensure compliance.

Payment Provider access & data exchange

Securely request, exchange and manage sensitive company data with centralized data imports.

Roles & responsibility assignment

Control which people in your organization have access to your data

HR, Benefits & Finance Connections

Payslip integrations help data flow between multiple corporate systems for stronger oversight and control

Data lifecycle management

End to end security and document management for data compliance and process control.


Data management tool for easy employee input, access and updating of their personal payroll data. Ensure all employees benefit from a consistent experience regardless of location and avoid time consuming data requests. Accessible 24/7 via mobile and web-based apps.

Electronic Payslip

View and download current and past payslips

Salary & Tax information

View compensation and benefits information along with personal information, salary progression and history.

Document Manager

Upload, access, update and store documents such as employee contract and identification documents

Business Continuity

Global Payroll Continuity

Global payroll must be processed in times of business interruption or emergency. The global payroll platform ensures the continuity of multi-country payroll via remote access functionality, cloud-based file sharing and payroll task switching features. Maintain control and visibility during challenging times.

Remote Access

To payroll data, procedural documents and employee communications

Switching Functionality

Easily switch tasks between team members across countries and time zones

Provider Replacement

Replace or switch provider or ICP unable to meet requirements or agreed SLAs

Instant Visibility

Over continuity actions, workflows, local and regional processes

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