Webinar: Is Your Global Payroll System Scalable

Sep 17, 2018 | Company News

Do you have a global payroll system, or a myriad of parallel payroll processes shoehorned into your HQ spreadsheets?

As your business scales to achieve these competitive advantages in the marketplace, business critical and mandatory processes such as payroll and payroll compliance need to be able to deliver to the business and often within very short setup time periods.

Scaling up in-country is usually very manageable as the employee headcount grows and payrolls grow in size, type and detail.

Where scaling includes entry into new markets however, the scaling question moves from volume testing to system testing. Do you have an actual global payroll system or a myriad of parallel locally-driven payroll processes that are shoehorned into a spreadsheet at global level?

At Payslip, we hear global payroll stories daily. We see and hear of global payroll processes tested with new growth and tight scaling deadlines.

In this webinar we will take these experiences and learnings and talk through

1. Building blocks for global payroll scalability

2. How to test the scalability of your global payroll system

3. Scalability Scorecard – how to measure, monitor and improve your scalability?

Whether you are scaling now or getting ready for your 2019 Scaling Journey, join us at 3pm BST on Friday September 21st (11am EST, 8am PT), to discuss best scaling practices and some of our client learnings may benefit you and your business.

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