Payslip Global Reporter


The Global Reporter provides multinational employers with essential and comprehensive global payroll reporting at the touch of a button. Get complete data-driven observability into all payroll elements for fully informed decision making.
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Run detailed and comprehensive reports to meet a range of different reporting requirements.

View, understand and compare payroll costs, trends and variances across all payroll countries.

Customize your reporting using multiple dynamic filters and customization options.

Solve a range of different reporting requirements for global employers.

Ensure central governance and compliance along with local country accountability and transparency.

Get real-time access to consolidated pay and cost data, with analytical insights across entity, country, payroll, or employee level.

Our cloud-based platform means these reports can be pulled in a self-serve capacity, from any device in any location, 24/7.

Global payroll professionals can now run a series of different reports and gain immediate insight into key global payroll data and trending information. They can also manage and confirm compliance obligations as well as data privacy regulations.

The software lets you filter by country, region, employee or pay element -pay and deduction elements are categorized at global and local level for more detailed and granular analysis.

Get macro to micro analysis on the details that matter. Global payroll costs are always in a known state -monitor and track progress over time for true insights.

Multi-Country Cost and Comparison Reporting


The Global Reporter is designed to meet the needs of global employers who need to get a clear picture of country by country payroll costs. Standardized and consolidated data is needed for this to happen because you need to account for local country pay elements and data formats. Payslip operates a global first data and processing approach so that all the necessary data is in the system.  We consolidate your payroll data across all of your countries and vendors.

The Global Reporter enables

Standardized data across all the specific country pay elements.

Standardized data flows across all payroll providers.

Multi-country consolidation via a structured absorption of payroll data.

The result of all of this is an innovative global payroll reporting tool which empowers global payroll professionals to pull exactly the kind of global payroll cost, country comparison and pay element reports they need, anytime they want them, in real-time, on a self-serve basis.

Popular reports available using the Global Payroll Reporter include

Total Employer Cost Report

Shows the total labor costs for the employer and can be split out by country, company, cost center, department or business unit.

Employee Headcount Report

Displays all the employees (active or inactive) on the system and their locations. Filter to show Joiners and Leavers within specified periods.

Payrun Report

Compare two or more payruns to view the changes between different pay elements per payroll and employee.

Audit Workflow Report

Shows your team and payroll provider’s performance as measured against workflow deadlines over time. Helps to measure payroll providers against SLAs.

Variance Report

This allows you to compare two or more pay periods within one company/payroll and display results in categories such as employee taxes/deductions or employer contributions- helping you monitor costs and detect differences.

Employee Payroll Changes Report

View and monitor payroll changes for specific employees as they occur. Select multiple pay periods to track employee pay elements & deduction changes over time. 

Essential Reporting. Informed Decisions.


The Global Reporter can meet the needs of multiple stakeholders with a range of varied reports which meet fundamental reporting needs across the wider business.

Payroll Managers

Cost, country comparisons, employee headcount reports.


Self-serve access to post-payroll general ledger accounting data.


Joiners/Leavers reports- reconcile HCM system data with confirmed global payroll.


Comparative country reports or total labor costs.


Country by country cost comparison report at pay element level.


Regional labor cost reports to best decide where to hire and locate new employees.

Payslip’s unified, global-first data unlocks and standardizes global payroll data to empower payroll analysis and provide true insights with real-time confidence.

With the Global Reporter, employers are finally able to harness payroll data for actionable insights and fully informed, real-time decision making.

We work with our clients to identify the smartest way to integrate data that will deliver consolidated reporting in the shortest and most cost-effective time period. Talk to our team today to see how The Global Reporter can transform your reporting.