How Payslip could have saved Ryanair the €25 million Pilot annual leave problem

Sep 27, 2017 | Featured Articles, Industry News

Ryanair and holiday in the same sentence is normally a happy one. Where are you off to? Yippee. Holiday time.

Not at the moment with the current furore over pilots’ annual leave and reported ‘mismanagement’ or planning.

When Ryanair announced their massive “mess-up” with the planning of their pilot’s holidays and the cancellation of 50-60 flights per day for the next 6 weeks, We over here in Payslip thought, if only Ryanair were using our software they would have saved themselves a whole load of embarrassment and a lot of angry customers all over Europe.

Payslip is packed full of helpful tools for companies to manage and track their global payroll process and international employees such as: Global Payroll Manger, Corporate Organizer, Reporting tools, Employee Portal and GDPR Manager.

We understand managing people across countries with different annual leave entitlements and rules is a tricky business. That’s why we built smart tools such as Holiday Tracker. Payslip’s Holiday Tracker allows you the employer track and forecast all your overseas employees annual leave both for the future and days that have already been taken – Perfect for Ryanair with their great crew spread across their multiple bases from Dublin to Marrakesh.

It also keeps track of the public and national holidays in the countries where you have employees based.

Payslip Alert enables HR teams set up calendar alerts so that they can receive timely notifications when employees are due to take annual leave. HR teams can simply click on our dashboard and see a complete overview off all the annual leave across all the countries where they have staff located allowing them to plan their entire overseas workforce annual leave schedule and ensure they have adequate cover while employees are on leave.

Learn from Ryanair’s very public unfortunate experience and make sure you are on top of your employee’s holiday records, book a demo with our team today.

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