Payslip’s digital technology solution transforms global payroll operations creating a streamlined, low risk, cost effective process for the business.

Global Payroll Manager

Global payroll manager (GPM) is the complete tool every payroll department needs to manage and control global payroll operations efficiently.

GPM enables:

Automated payroll and pay run setup

Ensures payment deadlines are met


Push alerts for process actions and steps

Automated notifications to payroll team and vendors

Progress bar per payroll

Monitor payroll step by step

Automated alerts to payroll team and external vendors

Up to date real time information delivered to team and vendors

One screen visual of global payroll progress

User friendly dashboard containing all payroll information in one place


In system end to end authorization

Set authorization requirements based on your process

One screen visual of vendor delivery

Manage and control entire vendor network in one location

Corporate Organizer

Payslip’s Organizer is a single source of information providing visibility over the entire global payroll organization by country, accessibility to payroll information, role and responsibility and user management, produces an audit trail, increases efficiencies and reduces risk within the global payroll operations.

Key features included in the Organizer are:


Document Manager

Manage employee documents and Company documents (Director documents, POA’s, cooperation and tax clearance certs)

Rights & Roles Assignment

Define user access levels, visible to Senior Management



Salary payment alerts,  document expiry dates

Workflow Manager

Build a workflow define steps, ownership and SLA’s


Details of country public holiday schedule



Internal payroll specific messaging system

Action Manager

Payment authorization facility

Employee Portal

Payslip’s employee self-service app is available to contractors, expats, agency staff, temps and permanent employees.

Within this tool employees can access and manage:

Pay & Taxes information

View compensation and benefits information along with personal information, salary progression and history

Time and Attendance

Tracks and records annual leave and attendance

Expense Manager

Submit expense claims, upload receipts and monitor approval status

Electronic Payslip

View and download current and past Payslips

Document Manager

Upload and store documents such as contract, passports, driver’s license, government ID etc. Accessible for employee to update and view


5 Countries, 8-time zones, 120 pay periods, 300 FTE’s, 8700 Payslips. A lot of spreadsheets?

Payslip’s user friendly reporting tool provides transparent multi-functional reporting at your fingertips.

Reporting features include:


General Ledger Reporting

Summary or detailed view of payroll operations for your GL

Payment Reporting

Reconcile the international transfers with the in-country payments to beneficiaries. Inteface with ERP accounting section


Structured predefined reports

Payroll, payments and performance reports

Customization available

Customize reports specific to your industry, vendors or employees

Report Scheduling

Automatically generate reports on a monthly/weekly basis


Report storage

Access current and historical reports


As a Payslip customer, we help you catalog your employees’ personal data, simplify how you manage and monitor the personal data of your global workforce and give you tools and resources you need to help you meet the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Payslip includes specific functionalities that enable global employers to implement tighter data protection policies:

Payment Provider access & data exchange

Roles & responsibility assignment

HR, Finance & IT control


Data lifecycle management


Payslip alert & action systems