Payroll Provider

The Payslip system integrates international payroll providers into the employer’s internal workflow via the Payslip joint platform. Payslip enables global employers to unify and integrate multiple local providers onto a single platform.

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All data, communication and exchanges flow through the platform creating an audit trail for provider performance management.  This allows for full visibility into all information on the platform creating equal access for payroll providers and facilitating a self-service for ad-hoc requests or general queries.

The Payslip solution is in-country provider neutral. Global employers can bring any existing vendors they want with them.

Any underperforming ICPs can be switched out quickly and easily. New providers can be adopted and integrated quickly during periods of growth or company acquisition.

Employers can pick and choose which payroll providers to work with and Payslip will integrate with them.

The system monitors ICP performance against SLAs and allows global employers to make data driven decisions regarding their in-country providers

Integrated processing calendar

Secure data exchange within the system

Standard and customized GTN File formats

Document sharing repository

Payroll provider workflow automation & automatic alerts

Status and activity tracking

Audit trail reporting for SLA delivery performance monitoring

Payslip works as the employer’s technology partner and integrates with their chosen in-country providers.

Our platform also provides benefits to the providers in the form of faster processing and risk controls.

Payroll providers in more than 100 countries have adopted Payslip to deliver their in- country expert services to their multinational clients on our platform.

If you are growing into new countries or need to switch out an underperforming provider, the benchmark delivery data on Payslip can help you choose a best-in-class provider.

Our provider profiles include in-country payroll, employment tax bureaus, financial accounting and payroll BPO providers.