Simplify Global Payroll

15 Manual steps. Automated into a 6 step process.

Most of the time-consuming data entry workloads come in the pre-payroll stage: this is the data gathering and cleansing stage which tends to require a lot of manual work to prepare the data for the next step.

Regardless of whether payroll professionals are working in-house on the data or receiving it from other systems such as HCMs or local country providers, this stage tends to involve manual work and multiple trial runs to get the data into the payroll calculation engine in the correct format.

Automated validations reduce payroll costs, remove human touch points, and ensure execution excellence in payroll operations.

The Payslip approach is to leverage our automation & integration technology to hugely improve the data flow quality level at the pre-payroll stage. This is how we do it:

We gather all the data from your input sources: HCM, finance and local vendor

We categorize and standardize it all at a global level

We map the pay elements in the correct format to ensure clean data

We then automate the workflows so clean data is automatically sent to your local country payroll vendors

We also consolidate all the data from all of your countries in a single location for clear visibility & control as well as laying the foundations for consolidated multi-country reporting at the post-payroll stage.

Because of our approach to payroll processing which involves standardizing the data first, then integrating with connected parties, then automating the resulting workflows: multi country payroll becomes a lot faster and efficient.

The Payslip Platform automates

Automated multiple source payroll inputs - 100% of inputs
Automated in-system approvals.
Automated data transfers to payroll providers.
Automated validations and GTN absorption
Automated calendar, alerts & work management.
Payslip & report generation
Automate pre-payroll data with Payslip

This is technology driven payroll: automation, integration and digital tools & reporting. All combine to eliminate errors and reduce manual work, making it easier for payroll professionals to run payrolls across several countries every month, for the entire workforce. A single way of working across countries with a simple dashboard view of what is happening.

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Global Payroll: The consequences of doing nothing

29th March 2023, Wednesday
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