Our in-country partner network

Local expertise

Payroll providers in more than 200 countries are already onboarded and connected to our global payroll control platform. They leverage our cloud technology to deliver payroll services to global employers.

Their internal payroll processing systems are fully integrated with our platform and offer bi-directional data flows to Payslip, facilitating execution excellence in operational workflows while paving the way for consolidated multi country reporting.

No vendor reduction. Just manage it better.

The reality of modern-day multi country payroll is that you will be facing a need to manage multiple vendors no matter what model you pursue.

No aggregator has blanket country coverage, you will always need additional local providers. So, why surrender control and quality to an aggregator services model at all? The local vendors will calculate and process the payroll anyway, so it is better to have full choice and control over them, while managing them all on a single platform that offers you visibility and control you need.

You do not need to reduce or consolidate your number of vendors, instead you need to consolidate the data from all of these vendors into one location and manage it. You can do this on our global payroll control platform.

Payslip is the answer:

Introduction to our global vendor network

Maintain full choice and control over local providers

Choose, swap out or remove providers anytime you want

Rapid new country provider on boarding as already connected to our platform

Consolidate all your country payroll data in one location

Automated data workflows transfer payroll data over to your local providers-less trial runs, cleaner data

The future of payroll is not reducing or consolidating your network of providers, instead it is about managing them all in a single place while always having full choice and control over which local vendors deliver your payroll.

Aggregator model not covering all your countries?

No Aggregator can offer full country coverage, so many multinationals are still seeking a solution for their longtail countries, and those locations not catered for by the Aggregator they use.

You are not alone, and Payslip can help you with this.

Our payroll industry experience and connection to a global client base means we have built up lots of valuable relationships with local country vendors over the years.

CTO Overcoming innovation fatigue in the organization

We are already connected to over 200 local payroll providers across several continents. We can arrange introductions and as soon as you have selected the providers best suited to your needs, we can quickly connect you to them in a matter of days. They are already up and running on our global payroll control platform, so the integration side of the implementation can happen very quickly.

This solves your global coverage and longtail challenge- Payslip is the flexible solution you need as you can manage your complete provider network on our platform or choose to manage a selection of your countries while keep your existing technology or Aggregator relationships.

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