Global Payroll Workflow

The Payslip Workflow allows global employers to see, manage and control global payroll from a single system. We built a unified platform and created digital tools so employers can achieve visibility and control by centrally managing their multi-country global payroll processes in a standardized way on a single cloud platform.

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Payslip Workflow

Our platform establishes a standardized global payroll system while providing:

    • unlimited local country process flexibility
    • that also allows for local country pay elements to be included.

It automates workflows across internal stakeholders and external payroll providers so that employers can see who is doing what and when.
It features a number of innovative digital tools like calendars, action trackers and workflow alerts, which introduce global level visibility and tightened compliance controls.

These tools apply structure and organization to help employers better manage complex multivendor payroll by connecting people, processes and systems for smarter, more efficient payroll.


Global Payroll Organizer

Organized and structured storage for corporate data, tax and VAT numbers and other corporate information required for your payroll countries to be established and maintained.

Payroll Dashboard

Enjoy a single snapshot view of all your country and entity payrolls including name, frequency, pay period, pay groups, currency and pay date.

Key Users Access and Rights

Allocate and restrict roles and rights inside the employer portal as suits your requirements. Grant or deny access and task approval rights to individuals based on country, entity, business unit etc. Ensure data protection and compliance.

Digital Global Calendars

Monitor progress on all payroll steps and actions at any time. Track and control activity via a helpful traffic light system tool. Detailed filter options also available for additional information: month/week/day /location/ payroll/ action owner.

Automated Workflow and Alerts

Workflow task set-up and action alert tool. Set up action and process owners for each payroll. Automated alerts are sent to action owners when deadlines are approaching. A process owner is assigned to all processes should escalation be required.

In-System Approvals

Automatic alerts are sent to pre-assigned process owners when payroll approvals and in-system reviews are ready. All approvals are completed inside the platform with automatic audit trail tracking for compliance.

Employee Payroll Record

The employee payroll record houses all employee specific payroll data used for payroll calculations and reporting. This record complements the HCM record as Payslip hosts country specific pay and deduction data, not always permitted by the HCM.

Document Manager


The payslip platform organizes and standardizes all of your payroll related data, then makes it available it in a single location for you to access, view and share in line with your payroll services delivery procedure.

This can be very helpful during times of business continuity or the remote delivery of payroll services, which has become common practice during Covid-19. With payslip, you can consolidate, access and share all your payroll related documents in one location.

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Global Payroll: The consequences of doing nothing

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