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Automate your Global Payroll, receive clear reporting
and manage all  your payroll providers from one platform.

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At Payslip we understand the complexities involved in International Payroll as companies scale. We have built our global payroll software to facilitate an efficient and uncomplicated payroll process.

During your free 30 day trial you will have access to all tools within the software including:


consolidated reporting

calendar & alerts

workflow management tool

employee self-service tool

payroll provider management portal

Using payslip to automate your Global Payroll will:

Deliver a positive employee payroll experience


Provide consolidated reporting


Ensure your payroll data is protected with best-in-class information security.


Automated payroll and pay run setup

Ensures payment deadlines are met


Push alerts for process actions and steps

Automated notifications to payroll team and vendors

Progress bar per payroll

Monitor payroll step by step

Automated alerts to payroll team and external vendors

Up to date real time information delivered to team and vendors

One screen visual of global payroll progress

User friendly dashboard containing all payroll information in one place


In system end to end authorization

Set authorization requirements based on your process

One screen visual of vendor delivery

Manage and control entire vendor network in one location

One screen visual of vendor delivery

Manage and control entire vendor network in one location

Customer Testimonials

"As Combilift expanded its sales force in Europe we met various payroll challenges. The payslip team, with their local country knowledge, were able to meet these challenges and their software provides a great tool so no stone is left unturned."

Peter Campbell

Financial Controller, Combilift

"As a global leader producing and distributing fresh produce (bananas, pineapples, melons and mushrooms) worldwide, cross country consolidated reporting is very important to Fyffes. Managing our international payroll through Payslip, gives us access to clear insights into our global payroll, pension and compensation costs and trends."

William Faulkner

HR Director, Fyffes

"With business and employee growth rates of above 50%, we rely on our vendors to deliver on time, every time. Payslip’s workflow automation, enables Phorest manage our payroll provider process – data driven, real time and transparent. Payslip saves us time so we can focus on our business growth."

Ana Kelly

Senior Financial Accountant, Phorest

Achieve total payroll control with a software that enables scalability, delivers consolidated reporting and payroll provider management,
saving time and increasing efficiency.