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Automating and validating global payroll data workflows is a core feature of our global payroll control platform because they create massive time savings and productivity gains in every payrun.

The platform ensures direct automation from source software or external vendors into the Payslip platform for automated input, checking and validation at each stage in the workflow.

We automate everything from data workflows and validations, through to integrations and essential last mile reporting.

Removing manual work and creating more time means smart, fast and error-free digital payroll.


Payslip creates and develops purpose-built automation technology, an advanced form of robotic process automation (RPA) that is constantly active in the background during all stages of payroll delivery.

On Payslip, 100% of all inputs are automated

We automate more parts of the payroll delivery process than anybody else out there in the market. Our market-leading software uses a form of configurable automation of payroll steps similar to RPA but at a higher level, with the ability to perform actions that require critical thinking in specific situations and also features layers of intelligence to identify errors/anomalies. This eliminates manual back and forth transfer of payroll data, reduces errors and save time.

Automated validations reduce payroll costs, remove human touch points, and ensure execution excellence in payroll operations.

Payslip has fully removed the manual side of payroll processing and replaced it with 100% payroll input automation & validation. We automate:

In Payslip, we have over 70 automation validations, where no manual intervention is required.

476 hours can be saved on monthly payroll processing by using Payslip across 28 countries.


All incoming pre-payroll data is ingested into the platform where we apply a set of validation rules that are designed to detect errors, omissions, and malformed data.

This not only removes a significant number of human touch points in the payroll process but also serves to significantly reduce the number of trial runs required to get the pre-payroll data cleansed and ready- a major pain point for global payroll professionals at organizations everywhere. The automated identification of discrepancies prevents accuracy problems arising.

Here we automate the flow of source system data (HCM data, Time & Attendance data etc.) and also automate the review and approval of inputs before the automated secure data transfer over to the local payroll provider.


During payruns, all payroll critical actions of GTN validation and authorizations happen via an automated ingestion and verification process. This introduces a new level of speed and efficiency to payroll management.

There is an instant GTN import process initiation for every payrun as well as automated identification of discrepancies (GTNs Data vs. Payslip’s Data) and communication (Mapping validation report).

Automated system alerts for payroll tasks help both client and payroll provider monitor payroll processing activity and respond to urgent tasks

All resulting in a much faster review and authorization of GTN calculations and final reports.


Automated consolidation of data for last mile financial reporting and general ledger accounting.  

General ledger files can be delivered in 5 minutes and accessed via self-serve, or the platform can auto-send your approved GL to your Accounting software on a specific date each month. This can save a minimum of 8hrs p/m per country.

Post-payroll automated outputs include centralized bank files, payslips, general ledger files, treasury and audit functions. Payslip are identified, validated and then allocated via Employee Self Service.

Cleaner data, smoother payroll, better process

Rapid, automated pre-payroll data and validations

Faster pre-payroll turnaround times

Human error risk removed via automation

Reduction in trial runs for payroll engine uploads

Cleaner, better data supplied to local country vendors

Execution excellence in payroll operations

Cleaner data, hours & days saved, much fewer trail runs: it’s all possible on Payslip.

Remove the pain. Save time. Run payroll better.

How it works

Direct automation from source software or vendors into the Payslip platform for automated input, checking and validation at each stage in the workflow.

On the Payslip platform we have built powerful hyperautomations, a form of next-level RPA called Zeto to automate validations between the client’s data input, the platform’s workflow automation processes, the ICP or in-house payroll system/team-plus all outputs such as bank files, payslips, general ledger files.


With a seamless & secure integration with ADP, Payslip can automate all the generation and transfer of ADP Flexiforms files & data over to local country providers. This is a huge time-saver for these awkward forms- hours and days are saved for each payroll country.

Our automations trigger and perform all GTN file transfer and data absorption between Payslip and ADP.


Types of Automations

Data Transfer

Automated and secure data transfer in agreed data format for immediate processing.

Workflow Automation 

End to end task and step automation via RPA to ensure on time payroll delivery.

Zero Touch GTN

Gross To Net automated file validation.

Calendar & Alerts

Automated reminders for payroll tasks, control & management. 

Audit trails

Automated tracking of action, date and user data .


Automated consolidation of data for self-serve, real-time multicountry reporting.

The Result

Hyperautomation processing and automated validations reduce payroll costs, remove human touch points, and ensure execution excellence in payroll operations.

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