Powering payroll with industry-leading Automation

Fast, Accurate & Secure Payroll Validations

Automating and validating global payroll data workflows is a core feature of our global payroll control platform.

High volume and time-consuming manual inputs that need to be validated within short payroll cycle turnaround times is a massive payroll data challenge, especially in organizations experiencing hyper growth where running multiple parallel payrolls is common.

A solution is needed. Automation is the answer.

On Payslip, 100% of all inputs are automated

Remove the pain. Save time. Run payroll better.

On Payslip, multiple data inputs from different sources are consolidated, standardized and automated inside one platform offering a single dashboard view of your multicountry pay runs.

This is execution excellence for daily payroll operations.

In Payslip, we have over 60 automation validations, where no manual intervention is required.

How it works

Automations and validations in the platform are happening at all stages of the pay cycle. This is direct automation from source software or vendors into the Payslip platform for automated input, checking and validation at each stage in the workflow.

On the Payslip platform we have built powerful hyperautomations, a form of next-level RPA called Zeto to automate validations between the client’s data input, the platform’s workflow automation processes, the ICP or in-house payroll system/team-plus all outputs such as bank files, payslips, general ledger files.

As incoming data is ingested into the platform, Payslip applies a set of validation rules that are designed to detect errors, omissions, and malformed data – removing a significant number of human touch points in your payroll process.

Types of Automations

Data Transfer

Automated and secure data transfer in agreed data format for immediate processing.

Workflow Automation 

End to end task and step automation via RPA to ensure on time payroll delivery.

Zero Touch GTN

Gross To Net automated file validation.

Calendar & Alerts

Automated reminders for payroll tasks, control & management. 

Audit trails

Automated tracking of action, date and user data .


Automated consolidation of data for self-serve, real-time multicountry reporting.

The Result

Hyperautomation processing and automated validations reduce payroll costs, remove human touch points, and ensure execution excellence in payroll operations.
Automated validations reduce payroll costs, remove human touch points, and ensure execution excellence in payroll operations.


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