Extended Workforce Module


Multinational companies need to hire several different worker types: fixed term employee, contractor, Employer of record (EOR) workers and expats.
With Payslip, global payroll professionals can set-up & manage the extended workforce, generate invoices and report on various employee types using our reporting suite.
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Manage Entire Workforce In One Place

The built-in automated functionality on the Payslip platform supports payroll processing for all worker types in the global workforce. On Payslip, you can automate, manage, streamline invoicing and report on your complete workforce.

Within the Payslip platform you can categorize, select and apply a type of employment for all workers. Quickly process payroll for your extended workforce.

Key benefits

Categorize and process payroll for multiple different extended workforce employees

Accurate & automated extended workforce invoicing

Monitor data changes and trends per worker type

View & track payroll data for entire workforce

Compare costs across global workforce

Support strategic business decisions with real time extended workforce data

Complete Payroll Processing. Total Workforce Visibility.
On One Platform.

Automate workflows

Payslip’s automated data flows can be applied to extended workforce employee information for fast and efficient payroll processing.

Manage / organise

Monitor workforce via worker type, skills, location and job title.

Streamline invoicing

Streamline invoicing and billing processes.


Run reports for total workforce visibility and immediate insight into key global payroll data by country, region, worker type or pay element. Helps with strategic workforce planning.