Our platform was designed to respond to these key business needs and provide a solution for enterprises looking to digitize processes and streamline their global payroll operations. We understand the complex payroll eco-system enterprises operate in today and we help them to:


  • Manage data, providers and multiple payroll systems.
  • Achieve visibility, control and central governance over their payroll.
  • Maintain relationship with preferred ICPs or switch easily to new vendors if needed.
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Payslip Platform

We can do this because our automation & integration technology connects all participants in the eco-system and delivers standardized global payroll. Our platform does this in a way that meets compliance and consolidated reporting needs with speed, control and clarity. The result is both the effective delivery of global payroll and the introduction of an innovative process that produces data driven insight, helping enterprises plan for the future.

Enterprise Level

Do you have more than 10,000 employees globally? Are you established in 15 or more countries with payroll teams spread geographically? Are you struggling to get a clear view of operations? Is governance and compliance complex? You can benefit hugely from standardization across these countries and employees. Integrate with the Payslip platform and transform your global payroll.