Employee Self-Service

The Employee Self-Service portal is an innovative tool for easy employee access to their personal payroll data, anytime they want to. The portal can be accessed 24/7 via desktop, smartphone & tablet and ensures a cohesive experience where employees in all international locations have the same level of access and control over their personal and payroll data.

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The portal

The portal aligns to our global first data and processing approach, which places all the necessary data in the system. This ensures a global framework is in place to facilitate a unified employee experience for all of the workforce at multinational employers.

You can connect with the Payslip ESS in two ways:

1 Via the Payslip Portal

Our portal can be accessed 24/7 via desktop and tablet via your Payslip portal.

2 Via your HCM system

We can integrate with your existing HCM such as Workday to provide your employees with access to their payslips & tax documents at a touch of a button.

Employee access

Employee can access, view and download their data and information whenever they need it in a secure cloud-based environment. The portal empowers employees with self-serve access while eliminating the need for HR or global payroll professionals to respond to time consuming employee data queries.

Electronic Payslip

View and download current and electronic past payslips. Automatic alerts sent when new payslip becomes available.

Employee Information

View compensation and benefits information along with personal information, salary progression and history, end of year tax documents plus annual leave entitlement.

Document Manager

Employees in all locations can store, access and download documents such as employee contract and identification documents in a single, secure location.