Document Management- The Payslip Way

May 17, 2023 | 5 Mins Michelle Pedreschi

We hear from global payroll professionals all the time how they love the fact that our global payroll control platform really feels like it is built for payroll people. This is a great endorsement and one of the reasons why we receive it is because we really think about the needs of global payroll professionals when it comes to day-to-day tasks.

The focus is always on how to make it smarter, faster and better so that they can focus on pending tasks and prioritize their workloads in a way that works for them. Our Document Management System is a great example of this.

Data & document control- in just a few clicks

Global payroll data contains a lot of sensitive information, usually housed in a variety of different important documents that need to be accessed and controlled as part of day-to-day payroll delivery and management.

It is essential that payroll professionals can store all of these different documents in an easily accessible repository as it is often necessary to upload, remove our share specific payroll related documents at different times during every payroll. On Payslip, we make this process easy and secure via our centralized repository.

    • Easy document upload, access and share
    • Tight controls for user rights and permissions
    • All payroll document types supported
    • Multiple folder options for efficient document management
    • In-system or SFTP uploads supported

The repository accepts any document type, including pre-payroll input data files, GTN, General Ledger files bank files, tax documents, payslips, reports and more. Simple filter options let you quickly locate and select the document you need. 

Compliance, audit and business continuity.

A centralized document repository is critical during times of business continuity or the remote delivery of payroll services, which has become common practice since Covid-19. On Payslip, you can select, access and share all your payroll related documents with users that have been authorized to receive them- team members, internal stakeholders and external vendors such as your ICP network. Users can also use the Notes option on the platform to communicate with other users, clients and ICPs about documents.  Notes, document sharing, and in-system alerts really saves a lot of time by removing the need for back-and-forth emails- there is no need for external emails, instead everything is managed inside the platform.

This is also a document management system built for compliance and audit readiness. A full history is available for each document, which details the user that uploaded the file, the users with whom it was shared or unshared, and timestamps. The system provides a full audit log of actions for each document- this way, the Payslip platform guarantees that your documents are always audit-ready- something that can prove to be a massive time saver during unforeseen audit periods.

“Our document management system is all about making it easier for payroll professionals to access, manage and control every type of payroll document they may need during their working day- it makes everything easier.”

Daniela Barbova, Head of Product

Security first

Everything in relation to the documents happens inside our secure cloud-based platform which is ISO certified and features industry leading information protection features to ensure all of your payroll data, documents and reports remain safe at all times. The platform’s antivirus protection scans all upload documents for malicious content and the Payslip platform is designed to protect and preserve data integrity at all points in the payroll delivery process.


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