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San Francisco HQ’d e-signature technology company onboard multiple new payroll countries in just 3 weeks using Payslip

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San Francisco HQ’d e-signature technology company onboard multiple new payroll countries in just 3 weeks using Payslip

Our Client

A technology company who develop commercial
software that is used to create, edit and secure PDF
files and other digital documents. This Silicon Valley
based outfit are a leader in document productivity,
digital transformation, and change management with
over 10,000 business customers.

The Challenge

In search of a clear view

The company faced some key challenges with quality control
and overall visibility of their end to end global payroll
processing function. They were interested in a solution that
could improve efficiency and provide them with a clearer
view of their payroll. Working to tight deadlines often made
it difficult to spot any manual errors in the payroll
calculation files sent by their local providers. They had little
time to search the files manually and they were keen to
access the relevant data quicker and view it in a
standardized format

Payslip technology
Global Payroll Technology Partner

File Authorizations

They required a solution that provided quick access,
standardized data and allowed them to make checks and
confirmation of payroll data files coming from different time
zones. Such a solution would help them to preview, examine
& authorize calculation files while placing additional
structure and quality control measures around their global
payroll operations.

The Payslip Solution

Standardized file formatting for rapid country onboarding

The Implementations team quickly got to work and began moving payroll countries onto the Payslip platform. The focus was around the rapid onboarding of these countries. Collaborating with the client, we created standardized data and formatting of their payroll provider files so they could have a standard way of producing reports for verification and authorization purposes. This involved some detailed work with pay element classifications such as commission payments and other regular deductions. Where possible, we automated these elements to reduce the amount of manual inputs needed to produce the files every month. We also gave them to flexibility to add additional elements into the calculation files should they need to.

We created profiles in the system which allowed them to assign specific people to receive, view and confirm payroll calculation files. These people were also able to communicate with each other using the Payslip internal messaging system. We also provided them with additional reporting details such as costs broken down by country and employee, giving them useful business insight. On the employee side, we set their staff up on our Employee Self Service portal allowing them to access data such as payslips and tax information anytime they need it.

The Result

3-week turnaround for multiple countries

They were delighted with such a fast turnaround which was well above expectations. They now have the freedom to preview files quickly, make recommendations for changes or authorize immediately. The Payslip platform makes it easier for them to catch errors quickly and the risk of calculation file delivery delays has reduced. Their visibility over the global payroll process and sense of control has improved- the Payslip dashboard gives them a single view of everything that is happening. Having some automated tasks and moving their payroll into a cloud environment helps them navigate some of the challenges presented by the current Covid-19 impact on global payroll.

The efficient communications within the platform has helped to streamline the whole process and the automation of some repeat tasks has reduced the workload for the team. Their employees enjoy self-service access and standardized data allows for faster, more consolidated reporting than before. These reports provided real clarity and accuracy around overall payroll costs. Above all, the speed and simplicity of the implementation process was a rewarding new experience for this client. Having multiple countries already added makes it is easier to add more to the platform, so they are strongly positioned to scale into new countries quickly when they want to with our support.

“The Payslip implementation has been a full month ahead of schedule and we onboarded payroll countries fast. This is one of the easiest implementations I have ever been involved with and I look forward to working with this client as their business grows”


Aneta Dobrowolska, International Client Operations Manager, Payslip

Payslip have a lot of experience helping companies introduce efficiencies to their global payroll operations. Our automation and integration technology helps them overcome key challenges while providing them with control and full visibility.

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