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Payslip transform payroll process and reporting at GoTo

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Our Client

GoTo (previously known as LogMeIn) are a SaaS company providing cloud-based remote connectivity services which support the new remote working culture and provide companies with tools to communicate, connect, support, and secure their workforces. They provide reliable, easy to use remote access tools (cloud phone, video conferencing, virtual event) to businesses around the world for collaboration, IT management and customer engagement.

The Challenge

GoTo (a Payslip client for over 4 years) were seeking an innovative SaaS solution that fit with their company culture while enabling them to manage their established local country vendors and payroll countries in a way that offered them complete visibility and control over their multicountry global payroll.

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The Payslip Solution

Standardized Data

GoTo’s implementation of the Payslip platform addressed their three key challenges. Payslip’s Implementation team worked with the GoTo Finance & Payroll teams to map and standardize their pay code data in a way that matched the data coming in from their ICP network. The Payslip Integrator enabled the global formatting of vendor data streams and ingestion directly into the Payslip global payroll control platform-something that would later pave the way for consolidated multi-country payroll reporting.

Another key reporting requirement at GoTo was the General Ledger report. Payslip automated the data inputs in a specific way and enabled the production of multi-country & multi-currency General Ledger reports. This crucial finance report is now available on a self-service basis, earlier in the payroll cycle, every time.

Rapid phased on-boarding.

We on-boarded GoTo on a phased basis as suited their payroll requirements – the Payslip approach and technology capabilities mean that once we have one country set-up, we can duplicate processes to ensure the next country set-up happens rapidly. GoTo began with Ireland and The Netherlands and then Payslip began onboarding their other countries onto the platform. We successfully on-boarded 4 countries in the first month and had all 13 of their countries up and running faster than expected.

Digital tools and communication

Payslip’s digital dashboard ensures global payroll owners for specific countries have clear visibility via real-time tracking and task status updates. On the communication side of things, the Payslip global payroll control platform ensures GoTo can deliver automated messaging and real-time notifications to their network of ICPs and stakeholders for the end-to-end payroll process.

Our Document Repository offers global standardization so GoTo can filter information by country or provider. This helps them to communicate quickly with their ICPs around any payroll issues, outside of normal channels like email and telephone. Department names and entity descriptions can be updated on a global basis-once updated in 1 country they are then auto populated across all countries.

A simple request like a payment file recalculation can now be done at the touch of a button – this was the kind of efficiency they were seeking to introduce to their overly complex daily payroll processes.

Global First Data

Payslip’s data orchestration approach also provided specific benefits during Covid-19 business continuity measures. The platform design ensures all GoTo documents & data are organized in a standard, global way. As soon as a task ownership is changed, the new owner has immediate access to the relevant process, data and documents and understands how to use them. This is down to our global first approach to data which underpins the platform.

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“Using Payslip, we can manage all our payrolls across 13 in-county vendors on one platform. When the global COVID-19 pandemic arose, it was not an issue from a payroll perspective, and critically getting everyone paid. The Payslip platform enabled fast and seamless continuity for our international payroll service.”


  Colin Smith – Director, Global Payroll, GoTo
global payroll control platform - reporting page

The Result

Standardized data flows, comprehensive reporting, and better communications

Standardized data flows has introduced more operational efficiency to the way they deliver and manage payroll on a daily basis- viewing all country data in the same format provides high-level visibility and a sense of genuine control over their payroll process.

GoTo were extremely pleased to find huge improvements in the quality, detail, and delivery of their global payroll reporting. They now have access to real-time analytics, consolidated multi-country insights and specific employee data. They can also measure ICP performance and KPIs for greater operational control.


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Self-serve general ledger reporting & analysis is a major plus and they can now respond quickly to reporting & data requests for things likes sales commission figures and year-end payroll information requests from global employees.

There was also a significant improvement in the quality and consistency of communications with their valued ICP network. Messaging and notifications are automated, fast &efficient. Tracking tasks, notifications, and historic messaging in one location is a significant advantage and means they are no longer restricted to time delays and inefficiencies that come with emailing people across different time zones.

Having 13 countries in their global payroll operations had been a challenge in the past but now that they are on the Payslip platform, they can manage multi-country payroll, ICP communication and reporting from one central location. Payslip is used by global payroll professionals at GoTo on a daily basis and is now considered an essential tool for effective multicountry payroll management.

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