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Payslip helps Cloudera meet global reporting requirements arising from significant business expansion.

Payroll reporting at local country and global level

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Our Client

Cloudera delivers an enterprise data cloud for any data, anywhere-empowering people to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights via innovation in the open-source community. Cloudera advances digital transformation for the world’s largest enterprises.

“Last month I spent a full day checking 800 lines of bonuses. This month it took 3 seconds on Payslip.”

The Challenge

Cloudera had scaled rapidly from 200 employees across 14 countries to over 1800 employees in 28 countries. They had several different systems for global payroll processing, finance and HR and their growth activity created a strong requirement for consolidated reporting to get clearer visibility around compensation data metrics and payroll costs.

“I see Payslip is taking us forward to be the scalable $billion business we want to be.”

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The Payslip Solution

The Client Success Implementations team here at Payslip met with Cloudera’s global payroll owners and finance teams to evaluate the current status of their data. To achieve quality reporting, it is essential to first review, clean up and standardize the data.

Understandably, their scaling activity resulted in them receiving different data from different sources, in different formats, making it difficult to supply bigger picture reporting to the C-Suite team.

Payslip worked with Cloudera to analyze their data and then proceeded to standardize and harmonize the pay elements for earnings, deductions, and employer costs by setting up and mapping the elements across a range of relevant categories: country, entity, employee etc. We introduced standardized general ledger codes and element classification across all of their payroll countries. While doing this, we created a playbook process that would enable Cloudera to introduce new elements in the future in a similarly standardized way, ensuring they could map and classify pay elements rapidly when they needed to in the future.

Payslip integrate easily with the Workday platform, and this proved to be advantageous as Cloudera had 1600 people across 20+ countries on Workday. This integration saved a huge amount of time by reducing manual work and also provided the employee details from the system of record to ensure accurate information was used.

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“Reporting is now standardized globally across all countries for the first time ever which is fantastic.
We had nothing but positive feedback from all of the teams that were involved in Payslip onboarding. It’s been brilliant


  David Nugent – Senior Manager, International Payroll at Cloudera

The Result

Payroll reporting at local country and global level

Cloudera are a high growth organization, so always need to be agile and responsive when it comes to C-Suite requests for multicountry consolidated global payroll reporting. The Payslip global reporter tool allows them to run exactly the kind of reports they need, in real time and on a self-serve basis.

Their new reporting capabilities are facilitated by standardized data across all of their payroll countries, enabling far more granular detail to be extracted in the form of easily understood reporting.

Cloudera use Payslip for comprehensive reviewing and analysis of month and quarter end accounting data, and now benefit from greater analytics and insights to explain any fluctuations in figures. This has saved them considerable time in their month-end process, and they were pleased to learn the new reporting formats were easily understood by a range of internal and external stakeholders. This has also served to strengthen their internal partnerships with HR, finance and IT.

This level of reporting provides detailed insight as well as essential country costs comparison data that helps them view, manage and control the global payroll processes at a local level in their new countries as well as an overall global level.

Payslip are experts at helping high-growth companies like Cloudera introduce major improvements to their global payroll operations. Achieve complete control and full visibility over your payroll using our global payroll control platform. Talk to us today.

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