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AMCS apply structure and control to their international payroll process during high growth activity.

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Our Client

AMCS is the leading supplier of integrated software and vehicle technology for the waste, recycling and material resources industries. They help 2750+ customers to reduce their operating costs, better leverage their assets and improve customer service.

The Challenge

AMCS were enjoying a period of hyper growth and business expansion but lacked visibility and control over their multi country global payroll process. Their global processes and limited system access, coupled with a lack of standardization, resulted in challenges around reporting, compliance and process visibility.

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The Payslip Solution

AMCS met and collaborated with the Client Success Implementations team here at Payslip to assess immediate payroll requirements and prioritize workflows. Payslip’s implementation playbook was used to create a step-by-step process whereby greater visibility and control was introduced to their internal and external payroll processing deliverables.

Payslip helped the AMCS team to map and standardize a range of different pay elements so that AMCS could view and verify key payroll workflow input steps themselves. This allowed them to swiftly move away from an over reliance on email or external communication with their ICP network to access this payroll data. Payslip and AMCS then worked together to standardize and harmonize pay elements for earnings, deductions, tax, salary, bonus and employer costs to build a unified global first data model.

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Data was standardized, mapped across countries and regions and automated flows were introduced for greater data transfer speed and efficiency. Mapping correct general ledger codes across all payroll countries was an important part of the process as this would prove to be foundational for detailed, accurate and comprehensive multi country reporting. Payslip supported AMCS with developing a specific financial projection report that enabled them to see and forecast fully loaded payroll costs across their countries.

Moving their core payroll data onto Payslip’s global payroll control platform allowed them to view their growing list of international payroll countries in a single place. Their ICPs were able to connect to the Payslip platform, enabling AMCS to monitor ICP data inputs along with their performance levels and ability to meet deadlines and SLAs. This was the level of control and central management that AMCS were looking for.

Payslip also connected AMCS with our partner network of In -Country Payroll providers (ICPs). This is a valuable resource for any organization that is growing quickly and has a strong need to onboard new providers quickly and efficiently.

“Payslip has proved to be the technology platform we were looking for. We needed to be in control of our multi country global payroll, manage it centrally and leverage innovative digital tools to deliver our payroll so that we are efficient, compliant and growth ready”


  Ronan Conlon – Finance Operations Manager at AMCS Group

The Result

Visibility, control and structure. Now ready for future growth.

AMCS have doubled their employee headcount in Ireland, have acquired international companies and have ambitious future growth plans. They now operate with a structured and centrally managed multi country global payroll process in place that offers them the kind of visibility and control that was lacking in previous years.

They now deliver and manage global payroll on Payslip’s global payroll control platform which is a scalable in nature and designed to harmonize global payroll operations while fueling growth efficiency for high growth organizations.

They have a global payroll playbook process that allows them to map, classify and standardize new pay elements quickly and easily. Manual excel spreadsheets have been replaced with automated and standardized workflows, digitized processes and in system alerts.

They can centrally manage all of their payroll countries from a single technology platform that interfaces with their ICPs. Internal processes have been streamlined, payroll processing times are faster and there has been a significant reduction in the scope for payroll data errors.

AMCS can also now leverage the built in data protection features of the platform to safeguard the transfer of all payroll data during the payroll process. This helps them manage their growing compliance and GDPR obligations and reduce risk.

AMCS can quickly integrate and onboard new ICPs when they need to move fast and seize opportunities in new countries. They can scale up and grow with speed and agility now that they have a global payroll platform that facilitates this scaling.

Payroll Provider

Payslip are experts at helping high growth companies like AMCS introduce major improvements to their global payroll operations. Achieve complete control and full visibility over your payroll using our automation and integration technology. Talk to us today.

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