Webinar: Global Payroll Budgeting for 2019

October 4, 2018 | Aoife Flynn 5 mins read

Join our webinar on Global Payroll Budgeting for 2019, on October 17th or 18th, to learn about the challenges facing Global Payroll professionals during their budgeting cycles, the pitfalls to avoid, and the industry’s best budgeting practices.

Are you preparing for Budgeting Season for 2019?  

Companies across the U.S., EU, and globally know that budgeting decisions made in Q4 translate to next year’s Global Payroll Budget.

Global Payroll costs are a key driver of budgeting and financial modelling for multinational companies. Therefore, Global Payroll Professionals and International Finance Managers have a vital role in planning the business’s financial course for the upcoming year.   

While business units will own actual employment costs in their specific cost centres, full visibility of indirect and management costs for international payroll is often the preserve of Global Payroll professionals, whether in HR or Finance departments.  

In order to successfully plan for the next year, Global Payroll professionals need accurate and timely information including centralised cross-country data and knowledge of important changes within the business or the countries in which it operates.  

At Payslip, we hear global payroll stories daily. We understand how companies are approaching the global payroll budgeting cycle and the challenges faced in building and maintaining input data and cost benchmarking. 

In this webinar, Payslip will  

  • Discuss key drivers for Global Payroll costs and budgeting 
  • Outline a preparatory global payroll cost audit 
  • Outline a structured approach to mapping Global Payroll Cost 
  • Provide a Global Payroll Financial Model 

Join our webinar on Global Payroll Budgeting for 2019 to learn about the challenges facing Global Payroll professionals during their budgeting cycles, the pitfalls to avoid, and the industry’s best budgeting practices.

17th of October at 6pm BST (1pm EST/ 10am PST)
18th of October at 3pm BST (10am EST/ 7am PST)


Join Global Payroll Budgeting for 2019 Webinar

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