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March 6, 2020 | 5 Mins David Daly

Name: Aneta Dobrowolska

Title: International Client Operations Manager

Office Location: Westport, Co Mayo.


Challenge and Variety


Working in a job where no two days are the same is not for everybody, but I like the way my role allows me to apply structure and discipline to the specific challenges a client may inform about on any given day- I treat it like an adventure!

There is a genuine level of satisfaction that comes with seeing payroll professionals transforming how they work thanks to our Payslip platform. Being able to solve problems for them and watching the results in action is a rewarding process that I love being a part of. They say nothing worthwhile ever comes easy and this job involves patience too- it’s a process, I help people get comfortable with new technology and ways of doing things- this does not happen overnight but it is all about the long term rewards when it comes to introducing a new working process.


A day in the life…


My day involves interaction with clients; listening to what is on their minds and pointing out the ways in which our automation and integration technology can help them do their jobs better. There is a good deal of multitasking in my role, so I always need to prepare and make sure I am in a position to assist clients at various stages of the implementation process. It is common for me to be involved in discussions with people in up to 5 different countries on any given day- it helps that I like variety, boredom is never an issue!

Usually, my mornings involve calls with in-country providers (ICPs) where I explain the unique features of our platform and how it will improve the way they deliver global payroll. In the afternoons, I tend to focus on client-side activity where I work with clients who are at various stages of the payroll onboarding process. I plan my day in advance and schedule my workload so I can give them the kind of focus and individual attention they need to make progress with our technology.

Our clients often assign a project champion to help manage the implementation of the Payslip platform – I tend to have a lot of contact with this person. Part of my role is to help them visualize what their new process will look like once they fully move across to the new platform.  I work hard to develop a keen understanding of their current process and then I make recommendations on possible approaches they could take when using our technology to move over to a new process.


Making people comfortable


It is natural for people to have reservations when it comes to change and part of my role is making people feel comfortable with our new technology and reassuring them that it was specifically designed to address and improve many of the challenges that payroll professionals face on the daily basis. I enjoy telling them that they’re lives are about to become so much easier than they were before!

Our technology greatly reduces manual processes and makes consolidated global reporting so much easier and quicker. We also make it easier for them to get standardized data, which is something that helps them on-board employees in new countries in a much more efficient way. Our clients are always delighted to hear this and I am always impressed with just how dedicated and determined they are to ensure people get paid on time and accurately.  They are interested in any process that helps make global payroll better and is great to be able to help people with this kind of passion and commitment.


Loving client success


The biggest reward in this job comes when I hear from a happy client- I can feel their enthusiasm when they tell me about the ways in which their global payroll process has been transformed by our technology. They talk about feeling in control of the process and having much needed visibility over each country on their payroll- something they found difficult to achieve in the past. It is quite common that a client using our services for one country, decides to immediately move forward with several other countries, such is their satisfaction with the new, improved process. This kind of feedback really validates what Payslip are all about and it is very rewarding to hear it direct from our clients.


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