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January 10, 2023 | 5 Mins Katya Parvanova


Katya Parvanova


HCM Team Lead


Varna, Bulgaria

Creating client solutions that transform their payroll

I run a team of talented individuals and our job is to design & deliver global client solutions that focus on automating and standardizing the flow of data into our global payroll control platform from multiple different client data sources. The goal is always to deliver excellent time savings for the client and ensure that all of their data is properly mapped and fully standardized so they can operate with a much more efficient payroll delivery and management process within their organization.

I tend to be involved in client communications at various points-I am often involved in platform demonstrations before they even become a client. My team and I also get involved at the implementation stage where I have regular meetings with Payslip’s Engineering and Implementations teams as part of our standard process to ensure all new clients are onboarded to the platform quickly and efficiently.

The day to day and why it matters

We create the detailed technical design and develop the solution that will fully cover our client’s needs. This is where get to work with the client data-importing it into the platform, mapping and standardizing it so that the data formats are platform ready, and then automating the data flows so that there is no manual intervention work needed by the client after the initial imports have been complete. The result is fully automated and smooth data flows into the platform.

I interact with client-side global payroll professionals, senior payroll managers and systems integration leads for some of the more technical aspects of my job. I work with my team to decide which of our platform features are best suited to their needs.

Global payroll never happens in isolation-there is an ecosystem in play and Human Capital Management (HCM) systems are a hugely important data source for global payroll delivery and management. Part of my job involves creating efficient ways for the data from HCM systems like Workday to flow in an automated fashion into our global payroll control platform. Clients can also have multiple data sources for their payroll delivery, and we have a fantastic data input tool here at Payslip called MIPI and we leverage this tool to import data, configure files and automate data flows between client source data and our platform.

The Multi-input Payroll Integrator (MIPI) is an automated data import tool enabling clients to transfer data files from different sources via SFTP or simply upload them to our platform. This could be pre-payroll data, HCM inputs, benefits or expense data, all of which are automatically ingested and validated.

All of this matters because it is about time savings and productivity-the work we do creates much needed time and space for the global payroll teams of our clients – we remove laborious manual data entry from their payroll and replace it with smart, fast and fully automated data input and validation workflows. This serves to genuinely transform their payroll process in such a way that it is unrecognizable to what they had before-they are amazed with the results!

Clean, standardized data that flows easily and smoothly between multiple sources also increases their visibility of what is happening with their payrolls, entities and employees on both a local and global level. You cannot control what you cannot see-so boosting this level of visibility can have a very positive impact on the process.

Process improvement excites me!

This is just the type of person I am, when a process can be improved using Payslip technology and it delivers memorable results, then I find it genuinely rewarding. Process improvement applies both to our wonderful clients as well as my impressive colleagues and teammates.

I am fortunate to work with some excellent developers and engineers. I like to find ways to improve how we do things internally too- internal improvements create efficiency within the team and this usually translates into better results for our clients as well-so it’s a win win!

I am always smiling when I hear back from our clients about just how much time they have saved thanks to our automated data flows and our excellent HCM integration layers, which I believe really separate Payslip from the other solutions in the global payroll market. It’s an exciting time right now to be working in payroll, as technology really does have the opportunity to genuinely transform it. The automation and integration technology on our platform is making a real difference in the day-to-day working lives of global payroll teams around the world and it is a good feeling to be at the center of that!


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