Payslip targets multi-nationals with unique global payroll software

September 8, 2017 | Aoife Flynn 5 mins read

Fidelma McGuirk, former CEO of launches Payslip, – a unique Global Payroll Management Software solution, which simplifies and collates the management of payroll across multiple countries, effectively replacing the current individual complex systems.

With 20+ years’ experience scaling international business, founding successful software solutions and leading a multi-national workforce across The Taxback Group, McGuirk has moved on to launch her new FinTech venture in the Global Payroll Industry, and steal a sizable part of this market which is expected to balloon to €1bn by 2020.

Payslip will target the 67% of the top 1000 companies in Ireland that have global payroll as a result of operating in 2 or more countries.

Growing their business internationally poses many challenges to HR & Finance Directors – how to find and vet a reliable Payroll Vendor, how to manage payroll vendor delivery, compliance deadlines and big data exchange – often by insecure email exchange.

Payslip is a cloud based payroll software that enables companies monitor and control the entire global payroll operations from one user friendly dashboard. Payslip hugely simplifies the process creating greater efficiencies within the payroll department reducing administration costs by 32%. It also mitigates many of the data protection and compliance risks that arise in each jurisdiction. Payslip brings a new level of visibility to international payroll operations.

Fidelma Mc Guirk, Founder and CEO of Payslip explains why Payslip is different.

Payslip is completely new to the global payroll industry. Our new solution is massively complex under the hood but relatively simple at the front-end making it easy to work with.

We expect it to appeal to those companies that want to have centralised control of their global payroll. We are initially targeting companies with less than 1,000 employees in each of the overseas markets. No other software exists in the market that allows organisations manage the entire global payroll process end to end from one location while maintaining a high level of usability. Tools such as reporting, in-system authorisation, vendor and workflow manager, calendar and alert modules all facilitate a seamless payroll process.

We have worked closely with early adopter clients in the US, Canada and Ireland to design and build software that will deliver efficiencies within the global payroll departments with a super User Experience for the HR & Finance team and the employees.

Unique in-built capabilities such as GDPR Manager enables the employer to catalogue their employee’s personal data to facilitate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on May 25th, 2018.

Our software is available for use by organisations who may already have an established network of global payroll vendors, the vendors can simply interface directly to the software. For those companies who are new to global payroll and don’t have vendor partnerships they can access our vendor network”

Payslip is an innovative global payroll management software, enabling companies to manage and control the entire global payroll process end to end on one secure cloud platform. Payslip marks the launch of their software today with a new website

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Using Payslip, we can manage all our payrolls across nine in-country vendors on one platform. When the global Covid-19 pandemic arose, it was not an issue from a payroll perspective, and critically getting everyone paid. The Payslip platform enabled continuity for our international payroll service including the fast and seamless implementation of the Payslip Employment Self Service during this time.

Colin Smith

Payroll Manager, LogMeIn

With business and employee growth rates of above 50%, we rely on our vendors to deliver on time, every time. Payslip’s workflow automation, enables Phorest to manage our payroll provider process – data driven, real time and transparent. Payslip saves us time so we can focus on our business growth.

Ana Kelly

International Payroll Manager, Phorest