Payslip Survey: What our clients are saying

January 4, 2023 | 5 Mins Michelle Pedreschi

At Payslip, We are always keen to get some feedback from our wonderful customers-they use our global payroll control platform every day, so they always have some valuable insights.

We ran an end of year survey to gauge their views on all things Payslip and global payroll delivery & management. Below is a selection of some of their responses and views to a range of questions we put to them.

Client Survey Infographics - Nov 2022 - 1

The place to be!

At Payslip, our goal was to create a digital platform that would genuinely transform the way global payroll professionals at multinational companies manage their global payroll on a daily basis. The feedback on the user experience, customer support, innovative tools and range of reporting was overwhelmingly positive. A few quotes below about things the hard-working global payroll professionals on our platform really appreciate:

    • “All payroll in one place”
    • “Improved processing time”
    • “Easy to navigate & user- friendly”
    • Customer care and support
    • “Makes our lives easier”

Only truly happy clients talk like this, and we are delighted to be able to help them. All participants mentioned how the recent design and user experience updates on the platform had resulted in a better payroll processing experience for them across all of their countries.

In a word

We asked people to come up with a single word to describe us- here are a few of the highlights!

    • Responsive
    • Phenomenal
    • Progressive
    • Efficient
    • Helpful
    • User-Friendly

Help&  Support

Tech support and implementation guidance are really important when it comes to a smooth global payroll process. Our clients agree and really value the way Payslip prioritize both of these two at the beginning of the onboarding process and on an ongoing basis.

82% of clients rate both our Tech Support and Implementation process as excellent or exceptional

Our tech support and implementation teams were thrilled to see these results as they consistently work hard to maintain very high standards when it comes to supporting new and existing clients on our global payroll control platform.

Valuable features

We asked participants to state which features of the global payroll control platform they found most valuable and used most often.

    • GTN Lock/Unlock- this is the ability to self-lock and unlock payrolls
    • Global Reporter-100s of reports and analytics in just a few clicks
    • Dashboard View – Customizable home screen view of all tasks and actions-
    • Workday Integration: HCM integration functionality for automated data flows
    • Notes & Calendar- task tracking and communication tools
    • GL report- instant generation of general Ledger report whenever they want

On their wish list

It is always important to ask how we can improve and get some insight into the kind of things our clients would like to see on our platform next year. This helps us with our platform feature and product planning while also helping us understand the things that are on the minds of global payroll professionals working inside our platform.

Error detection reports are in high demand. Payroll accuracy and data integrity is a key priority, and this is no surprise. 92% of respondents expressed the wish to see more error detection reporting available for use.


For more information about our Global Payroll Control Platform contact us today.

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