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September 30, 2020 | 5 Mins David Daly

There has always been a strong need for comprehensive global payroll reporting at multinational companies around the world. Global payroll will remain one of the largest expenses any company is likely to have and it will never cease to be important to have easy access to detailed and comprehensive data around the number of people you are paying, when and in what countries.

From many conversations with global payroll leaders, we understand that very few global payroll managers operating today are able to access the quality and depth of reporting they need to review and improve day to day payroll operations as well as provide leadership teams with strategic payroll information. There are a variety of factors contributing to the overall complexity of the current global payroll landscape, and these factors have served to make it difficult to deliver essential global payroll reporting. The absence of standardized data and processes, along with a lack of innovative technology means that the foundations for consolidated reporting are not in place at many multinationals.

The Payslip Global Reporter tool delivers this essential reporting and a wide variety of other reports that can be filtered for more granular detail and comprehensive analysis. In this article, we will explain exactly what the reporting tool does and how it benefits a range of key stakeholders within a multinational -from the global payroll manager, to members of the Finance and HR teams, right up to C-Suite leadership executives.

What good reporting looks like

The current level of reporting services available from payroll service providers or aggregator models is not satisfying the varied needs of global payroll managers and other stakeholders at a multinational.  A ‘what if’ scenario can help you to develop a picture of what good reporting looks like while also allowing you to become clear in your mind around the advantages of having such reporting available to you at the touch of a button. What if:

    • You could run anything from 10 to 150 reports in less than an hour?
    • You could drill down for detailed analysis on any country, company or person on your payroll?
    • You could use profiles and authorizations to limit access to sensitive reporting data?
    • Structured reports could provide proof or strong indications that compliance has been met in a particular country?
    • You could respond to a leadership request for global payroll data on a specific country in less than an hour?
    • You could deliver final payroll general ledger data to your finance and accounting teams one working day after global payroll is closed?
    • You could quickly generate a report showing the most expensive and least expensive country on your payroll?
    • You could generate a report that easily reconciled and matched Joiner and Leaver information to a HR or HCM system?
    • You could know in minutes which of your in-country providers fail to meet an SLA?

What is the Payslip Global Reporter?

Payslip Global Reporter is a suite of smart reporting and analytic tools developed to provide self-serve access to consolidated global payroll pay and cost data, delivering real-time data and analytical insights on multi country global payroll.

Who is it for?

Progressive multinational companies around the world who are actively seeking innovative digital tools to better manage their global payroll processes and reporting. Any company can take advantage of this comprehensive tool and immediately gain real time data and key insight into their global payroll operations.

Why is it important?

There is a pressing need for more innovative technology solutions to meet the new demands being placed on payroll professionals in multi-national companies when it comes to consolidated reporting. Basic reports supplied by outsourced third party vendors or aggregator models no longer meet the specific needs of either global payroll managers or leadership teams when it comes to detailed reporting.

A much broader level of reporting is required to satisfy an increased need for detailed analysis and granular reporting. Cost comparisons as well as filtered reports on entity, country, payroll, or employee level are now needed on-demand, in real-time, across regions and currencies. Traditional models and the limitations of legacy systems are pushing employers towards innovative technology solutions with capabilities that enable faster, smarter and more flexible cost, performance and audit trail reporting.

What are the benefits?


Externally, see who is getting paid, how much and where. Internally, view who is doing what with your global payroll processing.


Extract reporting data to help you view and understand your global payroll process and workflows. Gain valuable insight around trending information and apply best practices to your internal global payroll framework.


Allow your global payroll professionals to pull real time data reports as and when they need to on a self-serve basis.


Meet new global payroll reporting demands from other departments such as HR and Finance. Respond to detailed requests from leadership and executive teams.


Enable key strategic decision-making based on either high level or very detailed cost analysis global payroll reporting.


Move away from slow processing or legacy technology and towards empowering digital innovative tools that deliver comprehensive reporting and real time analytics. Become more agile and responsive.


From high level cost analysis to country comparison reports to individual pay run element drill downs, view what matters to you anytime you need it.

Self-serve access

Set-up multiple different authorized users so they can create, run or customize specific reports. Add or limit permissions for enhanced data security.


The Payslip platform integrates with HCM and Accounting systems enabling global employers to consolidate all of their related payroll, finance and human resources data onto a single platform, delivering integrated reporting.

What kind of reports can I run?

A range of different reports can be run with the tool which also allows you to automatically schedule or customize the reporting.

Total Employer Cost Report: shows the total labor costs for the employer and can be split out by country, company, cost center, department or business unit.

Payroll Costs: Comparative, Predictive, Variation, Change & Exception Reporting

Payroll Multi-Country Comparative Reporting: Pay Element & Total Cost Levels

Employee Headcount Report: Displays all the employees (active or inactive) on the system and their locations. Filter to show Joiners and Leavers within specified periods. Other employee reports can be run for Churn, Data Changes and Trends.

Payrun Report: Compare two or more payruns to view the changes between different pay elements per payroll and employee

Audit Workflow Report: Shows your team and payroll provider’s performance as measured against workflow deadlines over time. Helps to measure payroll providers against SLAs

Process & Performance Reporting: Country and Business Unit Reports, Audit Trails, Vendor KPI & Performance Monitoring.

The Payslip Global Reporter is designed for global employers who demand centralised visibility & consolidated global reporting to inform strategic and predictive leadership decisions. It can be implemented faster than you might think, our experienced team are here to help you get started.


For more information on reporting and analytics available on the Payslip Platform contact us today!

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