New Look Payslip: Fresh design. Better Experience

July 5, 2022 | 5 Mins Michelle Pedreschi

Having launched several new features on our Global Payroll Control Platform this year, we thought it was time to package them all in a sharper, fresher and more helpful way.

Our talented designers have been hard at work looking at the best ways to introduce new design features and helpful navigation tools so that users can move around quickly, easily select what they want and quickly get things done.

The result is a clean, simple design with a contemporary, user-friendly feel: we’re talking light colours, rounded corners, simplified menu options, new filters and helpful displays.

Payslip New Dashboard

A simple, effective new look that keeps everything moving!

The goal is always to help you to find what you need, get tasks done and zip around the platform in a way that suits you.

What’s new?

New and improved interface

Toolbox accordion view in the main side menu

Simplified RAG status colours for easy status view

New filter icons



No clutter or distractions, just simple colours and neat white space to help you move around and find things easily.

There are no functionality changes so the excellent features you are used to will remain the same. But now you get to enjoy them with intuitive design and more helpful navigation.

"Our clients will love this- simple, helpful and user-friendly. All designed to keep them moving, selecting and prioritizing with speed and conviction."

Daniela Barbova, Head of Product

This clean, sharp and easy to use new look kicks in very soon. We hope you like it as much as we do!


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