How to ensure clean data for global payroll accuracy

May 4, 2023 | 5 Mins David Daly

Clean data is core to day-to-day processing of global payroll at multinational companies around the world. The pre-payroll data gathering and cleansing stage is often one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of the payroll delivery process.

Clean data is essential for on time and accurate payment-data must be accurate for the payroll calculation process and accurate data must be transferred to local country payroll providers for this calculation. At the same time, the data that comes back from the local country payroll providers must obviously be accurate too.

Data quality is critical to ensuring accurate payroll processing, especially for global payroll where multiple countries, currencies, and tax regulations are involved. In this article, we are going to examine a number of things you can do to ensure that your payroll data set is clean and accurate so did you avoid any payroll issues or missed payroll deadlines.

Standardize for data quality

Establish a standardized method for collecting data from different countries and departments to ensure consistency and accuracy. This can include standardizing data formats, templates, and procedures. Standardization of data across all of your payroll countries will make data much easier to analyze and validate-it will also ensure that identifying errors or anomalies happens much quicker.

Standardized data is immediately comparable and helps with visibility and control. The best approach is to bring all of the unique pay elements into a centralized payroll software platform and then standardize it all at a global level so that the global payroll teams work with easily identifiable data that is standardized in the same way across all countries.

Automate pre-payroll data flows

Hyper automation technology really lends itself to clean and accurate data because it eliminates the risk of human error. It also hugely speeds up the process of payroll processing on a day-to-day basis. Machine learning technology takes over the manual data entry input process and is capable of bulk uploading thousands of lines of payroll data and then checking & validating it in a matter of seconds.

Automation and validation are a game changer for payroll data cleaning and accuracy and is something that should be leveraged by all payroll teams in 2023. Automation helps create additional time in every payroll cycle so that payroll professionals have more time for analysis and reporting work. Automation also means that local country payroll providers benefit from rapid access to clean and accurate data- reducing the need for time-consuming trial runs.

Technology for data quality & cleansing

Leveraging a cloud-based global payroll control platform which is purpose-built to solve global payroll challenges is a good way to ensure global payroll data accuracy in the long run. Digital SaaS platforms that are purpose-built for global payroll processing and management will have inbuilt digital tools that can help with data cleansing. These automated tools are capable of applying a set of validation rules that are designed to detect errors, omissions, inaccuracies, metrics and malformed data.

The automated identification of discrepancies prevents accuracy problems arising while also introducing a new level of speed and efficiency to payroll processing. Any technology that can help global payroll professionals detect and fix errors in real-time before they become a major problem is to be welcomed and can only improve the data cleansing process in payroll management.

Provide digital tools to global payroll teams

The fastest and safest way to ensure data accuracy is to digitize the end-to-end global payroll process. This involves moving payroll away from manual error prone Excel spreadsheets and e-mail data transfers over to a secure cloud-based environment where global payroll professionals can utilize and leverage innovative digital tools to work with accurate data.

These tools can help them monitor data quality on an ongoing basis to identify and correct errors before they impact payroll accuracy. Digitizing payroll data will create a new set of best practices for data integrity which let the technology do the heavy lifting and data collection work while the payroll professionals focus on data-driven analysis and quality control. When technology is assigned to the data collection process, the quality & accuracy of the payroll data will improve as a natural consequence.

Connect and unify the global payroll ecosystem

Another way to ensure clean data for global payroll accuracy is to ensure that there are fully integrated and connected data flows between payroll and the wider ecosystem which will inevitably include the human resources department as well as the finance department. Other key players include benefits software as well as the local country payroll providers.

Unifying all of these key players in the ecosystem and ensuring smooth and efficient bidirectional data flows will put an end to manual data entry work and duplication of hr data across systems-this will significantly reduce the likelihood of missing values and missing data from hris systems.

Disconnected systems create risks as it will inevitably result in data needing to be duplicated across systems-too much data moving around means there is greater scope for error. Powerful integration technology which connects them all inside a secure cloud environment is the best way to ensure that quality data is transferred in a fast and secure manner.



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