Automated validations: more time, improved accuracy and total payroll control

May 18, 2022 | 5 Mins Michelle Pedreschi

Automated workflows and validations can be a huge timesaver within busy payroll departments where global payroll professionals are usually responsible for pay runs across multiple different countries. Anything that can help them do their job in a quicker and more efficient manner is always welcome.

The Payslip global payroll control platform was designed specifically to solve a range of payroll challenges and we know from speaking to our clients that they share many common pain points:

high volume and time-consuming manual inputs
short turnaround times of payroll cycles
running multiple parallel payrolls in a global environment
poor visibility around data and process

Automated inputs and workflow validations go a long way to solving all of these challenges and give back time to busy professionals to help them stay on top of their daily responsibilities

Replacing pain with speed, visibility and efficiency

The theory is simple-automate workflows and validations to speed up payroll delivery and management, boost data accuracy levels and give busy professionals some breathing space in the payroll cycle. So, why isn’t everybody doing this? They have not yet moved over to a global payroll control platform is the simple answer!


On Payslip, we automate 100% of all inputs on our platform.


Simple, direct automation from source software or vendors into the Payslip platform for automated input, checking and validation. No manual intervention required, bulk file uploads of high-volume data and payroll professionals only have to spend time examining anomalies. What kind of difference could this make to your day?

How we do it

Automations and validations in the platform are happening at all stages of the pay cycle-any previous manual entry touchpoints within the payroll calculation process are now delivered via automation technology instead. We use 5 categories of validations to ensure the automation process covers all of the data input touchpoints as quickly and efficiently as possible.




Data Protection



On the Payslip platform, Robotic Process Automation is used to automate validations between the client’s data input, the platform’s workflow automation processes, the ICP or in-house payroll system/team -plus all outputs such as bank files, payslips, general ledger files, treasury and audit functions.


With over 70 automation validations, where no manual intervention is required –
this means 70 less tasks per payroll.


The benefits

The result of all of this helps to reduce payroll costs, remove human touch points, and ensure execution excellence of payroll operations.

Rapid input and validation of payroll data
Greater accuracy/reduced likelihood of human error
More time in payrun cycles for priority tasks
Faster, accurate dataflows for transactions, reporting and analytics
Improved payroll data visibility and control
Faster implementation turnaround and “go-live” times when adding new countries

“Validation of data is a core capability of Payslip. Data is validated on ingest and at each stage in the workflow. This ensures multi country global payroll teams can operate effectively and at speed”

Gus Legge, Chief Technology Officer, Payslip

Automating the global payroll management workflow enables execution excellence in the payroll processes at every stage of the pay cycle.



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