Payslip partners with Workday

January 18, 2023 | 5 Mins Payslip

Payslip is excited to announce our partnership with Workday. This is certain to benefit both global clients of Payslip and Workday users at multinational companies around the world.

A natural alliance for digital transformation

Last year saw a clear shift towards embracing automations in global payroll, especially with pre-payroll data. The benefits of massively reducing payroll processing times simply could not be ignored any longer.

Payslip is the only payroll technology platform that can fully automate pre-payroll data. The word is out now, and everybody wants to catch this train.

A huge number of global companies have begun their digital transformation journey by connecting to the Workday HCM. A natural next step is to digitize, standardize and automate global payroll across all countries.

With so much payroll related data housed inside Workday, bi-directional data flows between Workday and a global payroll control platform makes perfect sense- it’s a natural alliance.

Payslip is perfectly positioned to help companies looking to do with global payroll what they have already done with HR- move it into the digital sphere where outdated manual processes are replaced with speed, innovation and next-level operational efficiency.

With 230 live Workday integrations already in place on Payslip and 40,000 validations running per month, it was natural to move to the next obvious step and become an official Workday Partner.

Game changing automations. Powered by Integrations.

As a Workday Partner, Payslip can receive automated, integrated data from Workday across 100+ countries- automating the validation of pre-payroll input data from Workday.

The result is massive time savings in payroll processing. Manual effort is reduced by as much as 98% in the pre payroll data preparation stage.  

Automated payroll dataflows will help Workday customers meet their 2023 digital transformation and automation objectives

Purpose built integration functionality underpins the platform.  This enables out of the box, any point integrations configurable with all internal and external ecosystems.

Integrations are what power these game changing automations. They transform how global payroll professionals manage daily payruns.

Automating pre-payroll  data shortens the pay-run cycle and replaces outdated manual processes with automated dataflows.

A win for Payroll and HR

The Workday Software Partner Program is a global ecosystem of software companies who design solution extensions so that customers can maximize their experience with Workday.

Workday programs allow partners to leverage Workday’s integration tools and technology infrastructure to connect with Workday.

This helps Payslip make rapid integrations with global clients on Workday.  These clients can then standardize &automate their end-to-end payroll process across countries.

The Payslip Integrator is a flexible technology designed to connect payroll data flows across related internal systems and any external payroll provider applications. It means an end to manual entry, duplicate records, and slow processing.

It automates the validation of global statutory payroll data, employee payslips and tax documents. It can also send employee statutory payslips from payroll countries into the Workday Employee Self Service module.

This means employees around the world can access their payslips and payroll related data any time they need to, with the same experience regardless of location.

It also integrates global payroll intelligent data into Workday Prism as well as enabling post-payroll financial data to flow seamlessly and quickly into Workday financial software.

All of this means that Payslip’s clients who are also on Workday can enjoy a fully integrated experience when it comes to related data flows between HR and payroll. Both departments benefit from automation technology which provides an end user experience that is all about speed, efficiency and control.

Our software partners along with our powerful hyper automation technology, come together to form an ecosystem that is purpose built to improve payroll delivery and management.

This latest partnership provides major value to global organizations looking to transform and digitize their global payroll this year.


For more information about our Global Payroll Control Platform contact us today.

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