3 new reports giving you even more control over your payroll

January 11, 2022 | 5 Mins Michelle Pedreschi

Multi country global payroll reporting has been a priority on the Payslip platform from day one- it is simply essential for global payroll professionals to be able to run the reports they need on a self-serve basis, anytime they need them.

The Payslip Global Reporter provides payroll professionals with essential and comprehensive global payroll reporting at the touch of a button. Many of these reports are not available anywhere else in the market and help you gain immediate insight into key global payroll data and trending information by county, region, employee or pay element.

We hear all the time from clients and payroll experts about the difficulties they have accessing exactly the kind of reports they need. To get the level of granular detail they want almost always involves manual work and data collection. So, they are delighted to learn that Payslip saves them from endless spreadsheets and data piling. Now, they can run the reports they want on a self-serve basis at the touch of a button. Here’s some info on three new reports that have been on your wish list.

1 Changes Log Report

With this report, you can see any changes made to your Pay and Tax element data as well as any general updates to employee payroll information. It shows previous records next to updated records, when the change happened plus the user who made the update.

This is a great report for monitoring changes and staying in full control of your payruns. Key benefits include:

2 Global Pay & Taxes Report

Quickly and easily extract & view the complete global list of pay elements, deductions, and contributions in your company.  

Run this report for:

changes log report

3 Global Payrun Management Report

Now you can download a payrun report with multiple countries and multiple payrolls for any date range. 

Run this report for:

Global Pay & Taxes Report

The goal with all our reports is to put you in total control over your payroll processing by ensuring that you can view, track and monitor all aspects of your pay runs via instant, self-serve reporting. Feedback from platform users who had early access to these reports is excellent, being able to run a broader range of reports anytime they want gives them additional control over their payruns as well as greater insight into the details.

“When you can see more, you can do more- reporting is all about visibility and control. These new reports provide additional clarity along with genuinely helpful insights”

Mary Holland, CCO, Payslip

For information on the Payslip Platform contact us today.

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