About Us

Payslip delivers a scale-up advantage for today’s global business leaders, harmonizing global payroll operations to fuel growth efficiency. By standardizing and automating the complexities of global payroll, Payslip’s Global Payroll Control Platform empowers outperformers to achieve execution excellence, see a bigger picture and scale at any dimension.

Where we came from

We started by understanding payroll challenges. We built a platform to fix them using automation and standardization. One capable of managing multiple local payroll providers while integrating with HCMs and finance software. Then we made it easy to buy, use and scale. .

Where we are now

We are the Global Payroll Control Platform. Foundational for harmonizing global payroll success:

  • Automation and integrations for global payroll processing execution excellence
  • Standardized data for reporting and bigger picture insights
  • ICP choice and flexibility for scale up control

Where we are going

We are revolutionizing global payroll management so that it becomes foundational for executing a growth agenda. We are the technology partner that high growth companies need to create a scale up advantage for growth efficiency.

We are automating global payroll, so it works just like any other important operational function. We’re helping multinationals shift from slow& expensive legacy tech & services over to a unified & standardized payroll process: fully automated, seamlessly integrated and growth ready.

Make the shift to a Global Payroll Control Platform.

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We help a wide variety of international companies meet their payroll challenges and growth efficiency objectives. We remove the complexities of scaling-up and take them on a digital journey to growth efficiency, moving them from inadequate legacy systems to automated workflows and standardized data& processes. Our platform unifies and harmonizes operational global payroll processes, providing them with execution excellence and scale up control capabilities.

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