At Payslip, our digital technology empowers payroll professionals to streamline your global payroll processes and manage your international data, resources and vendors efficiently on one user friendly cloud platform.

We do this by building innovative global payroll management software which you can use to deliver efficient reliable payroll, useful business intelligence and a positive payroll experience worldwide.

A message from our founder, Fidelma McGuirk

“When I setup international operations over the last 20 years in 21 countries, finding a payroll company was a complicated and time-consuming process – due diligence to check whether they knew what they are doing, their professional indemnity insurance, data protection policies and capability.

Once that initial research is complete, then begins a large volume of emails co-ordinating payroll activities and exchanging data – sometimes with password protection, very often not. This was our experience for both expensive and less expensive companies with good reputations.

I thought there has to be an easier way. Payroll has similar data exchange and authorisation steps across most companies and across the world. Repeatable actions can be automated. Let’s automate the common parts.

So, we set out to build a new option. A software solution that maps out the payroll actions and deadlines per pay period and that is clear and intuitive to use. Software that makes payroll processing a great experience. A Technology approach to driving a unified efficient process, regardless what country the payroll is in.

We talked to payroll leaders in global companies in the US, Canada and Europe and I thank them for their generous time and openness about their current headaches. We listened to their problems – inconsistent reporting, clunky legacy software, lack of interface with their global vendors, no audit trail, old UX, no efficiency driving tools and took them as obstacles to knock down.

The result is Payslip. Payslip is a Global Payroll Management Software as a Service.

Multi-national employers can use it to manage the payroll vendors they already have or find new ones with it. Their payroll team can learn the friendly systematic approach and it will drive their deadlines for them across the countries.

We built it to be an easy positive user experience for the payroll team and their HR, Finance and IT colleagues. A streamlined workflow across internal departments and external payroll providers. We built it to feed data into HR and Finance for their own reporting. We designed it with data protection at its core, so IT and Compliance leaders can reduce the risk and have an easier path in preparation for GDPR.

Payslip is a Global Payroll Management Software as a Service. As a SaaS, it can be used by a multi-national at all stages of the internationalisation lifecycle – from first overseas investment to mature global structure.

International employers can purchase the package that suits their size and needs and choose which Add-On functionality they want. In this way, Payslip delivers flexibility to international employers and can deliver its Global Payroll Management benefits to an international employer of any size.

We have other great ideas in the development pipeline and will continue to listen to our customers and Global Payroll leaders to drive continuous great experience for the employer and their global workforce, contractors and vendors.”